Learning to be LOUD & HAPPY.


Don’t you feel like sometimes you should feel sorry for laughing out loud, when everyone is being silent?

Or just feel like you shouldn’t express your true self too loud, just in case you don’t fit right in the mold? But I mean, so many people just dream of being able to be their true self; but society just reminds you that it’s not ok. Even if mentalities evolve – tattoos are now super trendy, but they used to carry a really bad image for such a long time for example; most of us are just too afraid of judgement to be happy.

I just want the freedom to be myself, unapologetically feel myself; and I’m going to work on that! Will you? Personally, I have always been really afraid of what other people might think of me, especially when I don’t feel satisfied with how I look.

But so what if you have extra weight? So what if you are disabled? So what if you come from a certain place, wear certain clothes or speak a certain way. I believe we all have a purpose on this earth and maybe on the next who knows? I still have no idea about mine don’t worry… Change the things that don’t make you happy and move on! Just stop judging, and start trying to understand each other. Be patient and just be a freaking decent human.

I want to be loud so the world can hear the happiness that comes from living your own truth. 

I understand all these sentences just feel really cliché, and that we don’t live in a fairyland ­– tbh, that’s quite sad because I’d love a bit of magic!  But if we all slowly take a step towards what we want, instead of conforming to the standardized sadness and way of life, we will soon have our own fairyland – but better because dogs already exist!

This isn’t my most exciting post but I just felt like writing a little something on this tonight!

BE BRIGHT! BE FABULOUS! BE FREE! happiness is infectious remember!?


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