5 Things I do when I am NOT OK

because yes, it is ok not to be fine sometimes

Unlike other posts I have seen, I haven’t named this “5 things TO do when YOU’RE not OK”, because everyone is different. What works for me, might not work for you and that’s ok! I just hope you find what works for you and manage to share it with others when it’s your turn.

In this post, I won’t talk about depression because this word is being thrown around on social media like the latest Jeffree Star make-up palette – I love him… when in reality, it is a very severe medical illness; and therefore doesn’t just require a long bath and the fluffiest socks to go away for the night.

My only aim with today’s post is to make you understand that it is completely normal and human not to be ok sometimes: maybe you’ve had a rough day, rough week, month or more; maybe someone was mean to you. Maybe, you’ve given your all for someone for quite a while, and you just need time off. Maybe, you’ve just had a bad argument with your partner; hell, maybe you’re just tired today. In any case, everybody has their maybe’s and their why’s – AND THAT’S OK!

The 5 activities below, will – I hope – remind you that going back to basics sometimes is all you need. Life is nowhere near as complicated as we make it out to be, so just…


yaas Alix, thanks for that! I have cracked the code of a happy life with that… This is what I get for reading this blog. No but wait, breathing is actually highly underrated. I mean, at the end of the day, what is more important than that?

As my mum always says: Breathe in through the nose for 5 seconds, breathe out through the mouth for 5. Repeat AT LEAST 5 times – easy right? This will especially help if you are feeling agitated, restless or even angry; emotions where your breathing pattern usually shortens.

  1. SLEEP

Second one in the “back to basics” category: Sleeping. I am a firm believer that sometimes, there is no point trying to force things, and that going to sleep is the answer. I find this usually more applicable when I’m sad or have been crying – this makes you naturally tired anyways. Just put a cold hand towel over your forehead to calm your down and go to sleep. Remember, tomorrow is a whole new day and wonderful chance.


Back to basics: tip 3 – Eating. I LOVE eating –trust me we will get to that in the near future. Some of you will say this is the last thing you want to do when you don’t quite feel yourselves. Well, in some situations, I find eating oddly comforting. Make sure, whilst eating or drinking, that you are taking the time to do so: comfortable seat, calm environment – as much as possible – and try to have full consciousness of the energy going into your body. Of course, I would always advise to prioritize healthy foods or drinks, however, sometimes, life just need a good old burger.

  1. CRY

Euuuuurk Alix, I am a MAN, I don’t cry.  Sure you don’t… but have you tried though? Crying I find, releases all the built up tensions in me: anger tension, stress tension… – those sorts of tensions. Of course, it is not about forcing yourself to cry, but trust me; if your body wants to cry, let it and don’t swallow it back up. HOWEVER, please remember one thing: “It will all be ok in the end, if it’s not ok, it’s not the end”. We all know life is a B**** sometimes, but whatever you are crying about will soon start to feel a little easier on you, so just keep going!!


Sometimes, our family/friends have this gift that allows them to know us better than we know ourselves. If they think that what you need is a hot chocolate and watch “27 Dresses” then do that! – Alix, I’m still a guy… 27 dresses really? Have you heard of gender equality? Hehe. But if your friends think you need to go to this party or dinner with your grandparents, why not give it a try?

Anyways guys, I hope this post will be useful to someone somehow. Yes, I didn’t invent electricity today, but I did remind you that sometimes, going back to basics is just what you might need.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments – or get in contact if you want to chat!

Your girl. A.

2 Replies to “5 Things I do when I am NOT OK”

  1. Isn’t it crazy how sleep is the FIRST thing people abandon when things aren’t going well?! And that almost ALWAYS makes things worse!


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