Moving : A reminder that time goes by … Part 1/2


DISCLAIMER: The next two posts are much different than what I wrote before. It literally took me months to write for many different reasons and I do hope the final piece makes sense. Please don’t take it as just a way of pointing out all the things that are wrong with yourself and your life, but rather a way of coming to terms with who and where you are; working on what can be improved, always in the goal of creating the best life possible for yourself.

I am no trained coach (yet) or psychologist, everything you read is purely based on mypersonal experiences, thoughts, trials and mistakes. What seems to be somewhatworking for me won’t necessarily do for you and that’s ok. I just hope itnudges you into the right direction and helps you somehow.


I have never been one to shy away from moving and start from scratch. Ask my friends, when it’s about making pretty quick life decisions, I am the queen. I love and need change – so much that it sort of is a problem but that’s for therapy… – When I was 20, I had already lived in 5 different countries and moved almost more times than the years I had spent on this planet.

Recently, and by this I mean a few months ago, my parents – and I, as I came to help – moved 2km away from my teenage flat, into a lovely, freshly built, new one. I won’t lie; I went into it thinking this was going to be just another one of my many moves: Have no fear, Alix is here! Well, let me tell you, I couldn’t have been further from the truth. This move was HARD!

My parents spent 18 years in that flat – and I, probably 8 full ones – and those were mostly my teenage years; moved in when I was 12, and moved out when I was about 20. Needless to say, these are the years you start building most of your memories – memories that you will actually remember – and you start educating yourself on life overall. If you are like me, you have this box that you kept which is full of random memories like concert tickets, pictures, that key ring this one guy forgot one day, train tickets, pictures and multiple secret diaries where you wrote two pages each year, one of them being: TODAY, I HAVE DECIDED TO LOSE WEIGHT.

As I am now an adult – or so society likes to call 27 year-olds – my life is DEFINITELY not how I envisaged it to be when I was younger.  I struggled with having to say goodbye to the old me, and accepting where my life is today. From old boyfriends, to crazy memories and lost friendships; accepting what your life is in the present moment, and having all the clues to compare it to what you thought it would be like, was my hardest wake-up call towards adulthood.

-Wow Alix, does it all have to be this way? I didn’t sign up to read a depressing post today! – I hear ya! And no, it sure as s*** doesn’t have to be this way, especially if you judge that your adult life started way better than anticipated, your love life is ON POINT, and nothing can stop you. By all means, live it up and stop reading immediately!

But for all of us still reading this, something in your life didn’t quite work out like 12 year-old you planned it in your yearly diary page. Maybe you didn’t lose the weight – or you did and gained it again *raise my hand*-, maybe you didn’t find Mr/Mrs Perfection because you were too busy focusing on your career; maybe you don’t have that house with 5 dogs and a Jacuzzi, maybe you lost someone close to your heart, maybe you just lost yourself.

Whatever your reasons for your life not turning out the way your dreamt it in high school is, time only goes so fast as 24hrs a day for everyone. You still have time! WE still have time!

Get ready to do some work on part 2/2 of this post; which goes deeper into exploring these different reasons and let’s write our positive life affirmations!

See you there. Your girl, A.

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