Joyeux Anniversaire Papa

Written on 7th May, 2020

On this date of May last year was your final birthday.
It was short, it was sweet;
And despite everything we celebrated it any way.

I can’t remember the details, nor your smile for that matter.
Don’t ask me what happened,
Since your last candle finally burned,
Nothing has ever felt familiar.

Looking back at the videos we were three.
Looking back at the photos, we looked happy.

Where has this year gone?
Where has this year gone Daddy.

I tried to harness my pain to do great things.
Forgetting life happens and memories fade.
I looked at the videos of us today.
I am haunted by the last time you looked at me this way.

I cried seeing your eyes watching the camera,
Feeling like you were just a stranger.
I became so familiar with talking to the echo in my head;
I forgot what real love looked like on paper.

Yes this is a love poem;
But to no lover.
Only to the best father;
From his one and lonely daughter.


Angèle Kamp @wordswag

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