30/09/20 – Alix travels her mind

Part of the qualification requirements for my coaching school are that I have to write an essay on “My emerging style of coaching”. How are you meant to be writing about yourself and the type of coaching you want to do when you don’t even know who you are. I am starting to think whether knowing who you are is just the same thing as knowing what you have done and the things you have lived through. To the latter, I would answer that I do. Does it help project me into the future or even answer the present question of who I am? I am no sure at this stage.

Is knowing who you are also somewhat just being aware of what you have to work on – your demons which are carrying you down or holding you back?

Right now I crave communication with the world, I crave human interaction and nature discoveries. Let’s face it, the world isn’t about to change anytime soon. There is no going back to “normal”. Was there ever a “normal”? … Let’s not get into this now, but I am just finding myself needing two things at this point of the year, two things in order to move forward with myself:
              1. Voicing my honest life opinions and struggles, sharing it with the world in order to step out of my head and hopefully into my life’s direction.
              2. Let some built up emotions just rage out; meaning to stop overthinking and just letting “ME” be.

To you reader this might just be a whole lot of nothing but this is my way of learning to care for myself again. It shouldn’t always be about pleasing others. Your life is your own; and so is mine. Let’s try and live as such once in a while…


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