Dear Diary: My Blog Journey Begins

Merci so much for being here!

Right, I cannot believe the day has finally come and I am writing my first ever post on, what I hope, is to become an inspiring and safe haven for everyone struggling with mental issues, or everyone just going through stuff in life! I’ll make it my job to try and make you feel like you belong here, without judgement. After all, I am laying my thoughts in front of you.

Now for the fun bit: Who am I… and why this blog?

Back the clock three years ago, I could have told you exactly who I was and what I was doing with my life. I am a French-Canadian 27 year-old girl -woman?..young adult? Scary…, who after leaving her suburban Parisian home at 20, moved around for 4 years and only settled 3 years ago in London –settled being a big word. Back when I arrived in London, I was working like a crazy headless chicken in catering –job I absolutely loved, but stress muddled up with everything and I had a bit of a meltdown let’s say.

Fast forward to this present day, the only thing I am currently sure of, is my name.

Hi, I am Alix, and my life has not been the same since that 2nd December 2015; the day I got told my dad has pancreas cancer.

                   _Good News? My dad is still very much alive, and has been fighting every single day since – alongside my mum and me.

                   _Bad News? I am profoundly lost and have, what I suspect is, working depression and anxiety… but I’ll tell you I’m alright!

I am making this blog to force myself to speak up – type up even – about what I am going through, and to keep a positive and beautiful outlook on life when possible. Life is a gift after all… And if I can help people along the way, why the hell not!

Mental issues are very much sushed – is this even a word..? – in our society, but so many people struggle with them that I believe they should be made to look less evil; and I guess just more….well, human.

Moreover –yes I’m fancy…I know, cancer is everywhere these days, made to look like it the latest trend to catch, the latest march to do or donation to give, but when it comes to talking about the reality of dealing with it, and especially the reality of the people taking care of the “patient” on a day-to-day basis WELL… ___________ NADA.

But enough with the angry chat, I hope you enjoy my content and watching me grow as I develop this blog!


Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

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